Master of Phsycis Biophysics Program

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In a coordinated hiring initiative, the University of Munich (LMU) has assembled a team of internationally renown researchers in Biophysics. The Faculty of Physics has declared this rapidly expanding field as one of its focus areas, and offers a special curriculum to motivated Master students. Depending on the interests and skills, this curriculum offers various options and combinations of courses: Students seeking a casual introduction to Biophysics are equally welcome as those wanting to become experts in Nano-Bio-Technology.

The full curriculum builds a solid foundation by introducing physics students to biochemistry and molecular biology, and the associated modern methods in Nano-Bio-Technology. Starting from this foundation, the full range of modern Biophysics is presented in a coordinated set of lectures, partly within the regular physics program and partly in the form of special lectures.

Special emphasis is put on the communication of state-of-the-art techniques close to current research. Hands-on biophysics is practiced during lab courses in the participating research groups. As one of the key areas for the coming decades, Biophysics depends on the rapid integration of new developments. Therefore, our standard curriculum is complemented, on a regular basis, by guest lectures and seminars given by internationally renowned colleagues.

As one of the pillars of modern Nanoscience, Biophysics is firmly integrated into the Center for Nanoscience (CeNS). At CeNS, interdisciplinary research is highly valued and actively practiced.